take the scenic route//
the great american road-trip is a cultural icon, a rite of passage akin to the grand tour of european aristocracy of the 17th and 18th centuries. the car is the ultimate symbol of american freedom and agency. 
the effects of cars, and the infrastructure that support them, have been disastrous. they have caused the destruction of thriving communities, creation of suburbs, the violence and pollution of the automobile and oil industries, the erasure of ecosystems.
cars are expensive, have made us more sedentary, kill more than 46000 americans yearly, and bizarrely, have made communities less accessible. children no longer have as many safe outdoor spaces to play, have their independence stolen from them until they’re old enough to drive, and streets and parking lots are death traps we must navigate daily. the sheer amount of space dedicated to the american automobile is absurd.

suggested readings 
the color of law by richard rothstein 
design for walkability initiative by spur 
a paradox of traffic and extra cars in a city as collective behaviour by curiel, ramírez, domínguez, and mendoza 
the case for degrowth by kallis, paulson, d’alisa, and demaria 

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